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PliantCloud offers an extensive catalog of As-a-Service solutions making it easy to deploy cost effective fully managed solutions so that you are able to focus on business, not technology.


How to Get Started

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Choose a Solution

Choose one of our As-a-Service solutions. We can size the solution for your business and provide you a Quote.

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Setup & Installation

Our highly trained engineers will setup your new solution & perform any necessary migration services.

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PliantCloud Support

Our highly trained engineers can fully manage the entire service or augment your staff, depending on your needs.

As-a-Service Solutions


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Pliant XDNET - Managed Network Services provides extended network capabilities, monitoring and reporting as well as basic systems management, administration and monitoring. 

  • Windows and application security patch management
  • Mobile device management, tracking and control
  • Managed anti-virus and malware protection
  • Computer inventory and asset tracking
  • Server management, monitoring and maintenance
  • Firewall/Network/Device management and monitoring
  • Wireless As-a-Service including endpoint devices, monitoring and management
  • Cross domain virtual SDLAN/SDWAN As-a-Service

Pliant DRX - Backup & DRaaS provides VM level backup and restoration out of our hosted datacenter locations. Pliant DRX is offered on both our hosted services, as well as our on-premise solutions and it can be extended to protect your existing bare metal and virtual environments as well. Pliant DRX improves your disaster readiness and takes the pain out of providing a robust and reliable business continuity and disaster recovery solution.


Pliant RMM - Remote Monitoring & Management provides Remote Device and System Monitoring, Event Alerting, Remote Assistance, Patch Management, Anti-Virus Management, Sys-Ops-as-a-Service.


Pliant VS - Managed Video Surveillance provides Managed Video Surveillance with secure access to live and recorded video from any device, anywhere, anytime. Maximize the security of your business with crystal clear full motion high-definition video surveillance while eliminating local storage concerns. Incident footage is available on demand and can be obtained independently or provided by your Pliant VS Concierge! Our certified engineers will even detect and replace faulty cameras so you'll never be caught blind. And based on your building(s), we can recommend the proper access control - including biometrics, object detection, and license plate recognition - to protect key areas and assets. We keep pace with security updates so you don't have to!


Pliant VX - Managed Voice over IP provides managed voice over IP with flexible and highly available deployment options. We leverage the industries top VoIP hardware and technologies to provide a superior customer experience in a complete As-a-Service offering. No longer worry about changes, phone additions or the complexity of new site build activities. Our platform features include: Pliant MX integration, soft phones, contact center, video conferencing capabilities, IM and more. Our engineering team can deliver custom requirements to meet your organizations needs and deliver a turnkey service.

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Pliant VPS - Virtual Private Server machines in either our hosted cloud or on your private Pliant Platforms Cloud. Server allocation and setup are performed by the Pliant Team and all you need to do is login!

Pliant VPC - Virtual Private Cloud provides a pool of resources (CPU, Memory, Storage and Networks) that is allocated to you from either the Pliant public cloud, or within your private on-premise Pliant Platform. Our self-service portal enables provisioning on demand.


Pliant APX - Applications-as-a-Service provides secure, centralized delivery of Windows and Linux applications and desktops to any device, anywhere. Centralized delivery ensure total control over applications and data. Applications run out of our secure hosted datacenter and only encrypted screen, keyboard and mouse data will traverse the network, ensuring that your data remains safe. Simple to deploy and manage, Pliant APX is typically 50% less than alternative solutions. Applications can be installed once and are instantly available to users on any device. Our platform is the ultimate BYOD solution. Based on open-source technology, we support both Windows and Linux and are able to tailor solutions for your needs. Users can utilize any device, anywhere, with a unified experience and no need to install software.


Pliant SDX - Secure Data Exchange allows organizations to keep their files safe, accessible and easy to share. Take the hassle out of controlling your corporate data, while also providing flexible access via our web based user interface, iPhone or Android client. Full encryption support ensures that your information stays secure and our advanced policy based controls let you set the rules around how information is accessed as well as by whom.


Pliant MSS - Managed Security Service allows an organization to elevate their security posture with a dedicated team of security specialists that record and watch every packet that leaves or enters their organization, providing weeks to months of fully recorded network traffic to appropriately respond to both real-time threats as well as zero day vulnerabilities. Powered by SentryWire, our pool of recorded traffic information is compatible with - and available to - most of the industries top security tools via our plug-ins. Multiple levels of support offer basic monitoring and incident alerting through full remediation and corrective activities performed in coordination with you.


Pliant MX - Email provides a reliable and robust email service that can be tailored to your organization's needs, while providing many advanced features such as: Full UC Integration with Pliant VX, Litigation Hold, Custom Retention Policies, Mail Archiving and Discovery, Outlook Sync, Message Tagging, Attachment Search, Group and Resource Scheduling, Task Management, Web Client, Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam, Mobile iPhone and Android Client and much more.