Pliant XDNET - Managed Network Services - PliantCloud

Pliant XDNET is our networking and endpoint management solution that allows our technology experts to handle all proactive maintenance of your environment, including:

  • Software Defined LAN (SDLAN) Implementation and Management
  • Software Defined WAN (SDWAN) Implementation and Management
  • Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) Implementation and Management
  • Firewall Implementation and Management
  • Wireless Network Deployment and Management
  • Server Monitoring, Patching, Maintenance
  • Workstation Monitoring, Patching, Maintenance
  • Help Desk response and troubleshooting

We work to identify issues before they interrupt your business through proactive management and support. All costs are operationalized in an As-a-Service model, resulting in a consistent cost structure, without surprises.

Pliant XDNET - Managed Network Services - PliantCloud

XDNET Endpoint Management

Our endpoint management offering includes basic monitoring, patching, maintenance and help desk support. Our online support portal makes it easy to submit a ticket allowing our team to resolve basic IT problems quickly! Our XDNET endpoint agent allows us to monitor systems, remotely assist users or login to perform routine tasks. Our proactive maintenance and incident response keeps your systems patched, available and happy!


XDNET Wireless

With XDNET Wireless we design, implement and manage wireless infrastructure in a monthly As-a-Service model. After a discussion and site survey, we will assist in determining how many endpoints are required, as well as optimal placement. Management and reporting is provided via our web-based management portal. Our help desk technicians monitor, manage and provide assistance when necessary via our support portal or support line.



XDNET SDWAN is a security integrated software defined WAN fabric that is easily deployed and managed As-a-Service. The security features enable granular control of both protocols and application communication across the fabric. Data dispersion along with periodic session refresh greatly improves security and data transfer speed.



Our innovative XDNET CoIP technology allows us to easily connect endpoints, datacenters, clouds or clients into a simple, secure, policy driven and easily managed network. This powerful transport agnostic platform is an over-the-top solution and non-disruptive to current networking operations. CoIP is a Layer 5 Overlay fabric, much like VoIP, except for IP networks. It enables seamless movement of IP addresses or assets to any location while maintaining all networking attributes. All communications occur over encrypted port 443.

No VPNs, No Opening Firewalls, No changes to the IP Network.

The new hybrid cloud world is disrupting
existing security infrastructures


CoIP enhances your security posture by enabling the following:

Network Access Control - PliantCloud

Network Access Control

  • L5 overlay routing plane across the cloud.
  • Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) "Enclave" is implemented by CoIP endpoint authentication, routing control, East-West micro segmentation and workload interlock.
Network Encryption - PliantCloud

Network Encryption

  • CoIP LAN and WAN can be completely encrypted with SSL.
  • Supporting per-instance tunnels.
  • Dynamic and distinct encryption keys are generated by SSL for each pair of endpoints for LAN and WAN tunnels.
Network Shield - PliantCloud

Network Shield

  • Security and connection policies programmed in Application profiles.
    • User programmability via web portal.
    • Cloud domains, server groups, computing flows for LAN and WAN, user groups for access, etc.
  • East-West micro segmentation without using IP network topology.
    • Chamber rules for all registered VMs.
    • Source and destination IP lock.
    • Automatically generate and update all firewall rules and push into IP table or Windows firewall on registered systems.
Workload Lockout - PliantCloud

Workload Lock

  • Application and Network access interlock.
    • Virus or compromised root cannot breach the network.
    • Checksum interlock with provisioned applications communicating on overlay network.
    • CoIP network access control at L7 - whitelist sanitized network.
  • Auto discovery and provisioning.
    • Auto discovery process to identify all applications and access logs.
    • Automatic policy provisioning and enforcement for workload lock.

Exceptional Service & Support

PliantCloud’s high touch customer support model provides our customers with an exceptional experience. Our fully managed As-a-Service solutions allow our customers to focus on their business, not on technology, we make technology easy. Pliant’s Service and Support model is all encompassing; assessments, design, validation, installation, integration, training, management and iterative on-going improvements. Let PliantCloud experts help drive cost out and efficiency into your enterprise. 


Our Data Center, Your Data Center, or Both

PliantCloud Solutions were designed to be location agnostic. All PliantCloud solutions are offered on-premises, off-premises or hybrid. Our solutions can be integrated into your existing cloud solutions, traditional data center infrastructure or be stood up at the edge. Cloud is not a place, it is a compute model. Let Pliant help you affordably harness the power of the Cloud.


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