Pliant DRX - Backup & Disaster Recovery - PliantCloud

Pliant DRX is our simple, complete and cost-effective backup and recovery solution that solves data protection and disaster recovery problems. Built from the ground up to provide a cloud native, secure, easy to use, flexible and reliable backup and recovery service that is customizable to your specific recovery time and point objectives. You control, monitor and manage all of your backups from one easy to use online portal.

Pliant DRX - Backup & Disaster Recovery - PliantCloud
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Deploy agents and have your environment backing up in short order.

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Able to protect your complete physical, virtual, application, mobile, cloud and MS Office 365 environments.

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SSL in-transit encryption and data storage ensures that your data stays safe.

Pliant DRX - Service Packages

PliantCloud DRX

Fully Managed service offering that is designed for you! We work to design, setup, configure, monitor, alert and manage your entire backup environment and provide a user help desk for file and system restoration. 


PliantCloud DRX with DRaaS

PliantCloud is also able to provide a full disaster recovery service. In the event of an actual disaster this service provides full DR testing & validation, incident response & recovery and DR documentation outlining the details of the recovery environment. PliantCloud DRX with DRaaS provides a fully managed service allowing you to sleep well knowing that your critical systems can be efficiently and cost effectively recovered by our team of experts if something unforeseen were to happen.


Additional Features:

  • Add & Manage Users
  • Manage & Monitor Backup Jobs
  • 2.0 API
  • Web Interface provides online access to backups
  • One Click or Automated Restores
  • Cross Platform Backups: Windows, MAC, Linux
  • Cloud & Local Backup
  • Scheduled & Real-Time Backup
  • AES 256 End-to-End Encryption and Compression
  • Block Level Backup
  • System State Backup and Bare Metal Recovery
  • MS SQL Backup
  • MS Exchange Backup
  • Purge Options
  • Network Locations Backup
  • Filtering and Open Files Backup
  • Step-by-Step Restore Wizard
  • Bandwidth Throttling
  • Local & Cloud based backups allow you to keep copies of your data where you want them - onsite, offsite or in the Cloud.
  • Recovery of any to any - VM to Bare Metal, Bare Metal to VM, VM to Cloud, Cloud to VM, VMware to HyperV, HyperV to KVM, Etc.
  • Backup and Recovery of selected files, folders or complete systems.

Exceptional Service & Support

PliantCloud’s high touch customer support model provides our customers with an exceptional experience. Our fully managed As-a-Service solutions allow our customers to focus on their business, not on technology, we make technology easy. Pliant’s Service and Support model is all encompassing; assessments, design, validation, installation, integration, training, management and iterative on-going improvements. Let PliantCloud experts help drive cost out and efficiency into your enterprise. 


Our Data Center, Your Data Center, or Both

PliantCloud Solutions were designed to be location agnostic. All PliantCloud solutions are offered on-premises, off-premises or hybrid. Our solutions can be integrated into your existing cloud solutions, traditional data center infrastructure or be stood up at the edge. Cloud is not a place, it is a compute model. Let Pliant help you affordably harness the power of the Cloud.


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