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Pliant MX, powered by Zimbra, is an enterprise class email, calendar and collaboration solution that is hosted by PliantCloud. Pliant MX is designed to offer flexibility and freedom with our powerful features and options. Correspond with co-workers or clients and manage tasks and schedules, all from any device, anywhere. Pliant MX works into your organizations workflows, is easily customizable and removes the challenges typically associated with dedicated on-premise mail systems or alternate mail platforms.

Pliant MX - Hosted Email - PliantCloud
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Your Email, Calendar & Tasks.
All in one place.

Email, Calendar and Tasks, all designed to work seamlessly together. With our integrated service, getting things done is easier than ever!

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Powerful, Secure &
Affordable email.

Pliant MX gives you a powerful solution with the control you need without compromising security. With support for Outlook, iOS, HTML5 and Andriod, you can access your email the way you want, when you want.

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Your World,
in Sync.

Pliant MX constantly works in the background to keep everything you do in sync across all devices. Update a phone or read an email on one device and the changes are synchronized across all of your other devices.

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Up-to-Date Contacts, Everywhere

Keep your contacts up-to-date across all of your devices, preventing duplicates and ensuring that you always have correct and up-to-date information.

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Get Organized,

With Pliant MX Calendar you can create calendar entries, add invitations, track responses and manage resources such as meeting rooms or fleet vehicles all from within the email client. Alerting lets you know when your event is coming up.

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Managing tasks is an extremely important day-to-day function and with Pliant MX you can manage them across any of your devices, create custom tasks or ones from an email, and receive a reminder when they need to be done. Tasks are integrated with the calendar to provide additional visibility into when tasks are coming up or due so that you can better manage your time.

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Files. Stored.

You get a personal file briefcase where you can create folders, store documents and access them anywhere. Easily save attachments into your briefcase or attach files to emails. For more advanced file sharing and collaboration, our optional Pliant SDX solution enables you to store files, share file links, sync files to the local device and granularly control access.

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Easily share any Calendar, Email, Address Book or Task List with coworkers or customers. Create shared address lists and company calendars. Now your organization can stay in touch, wherever and whenever.

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Powerful Search

If you are spending more time filing emails than getting work done, you no longer have to. With tagging, instant search and other tools, you will be able to quickly find that important email. Search by Keywords of my building more complex queries with the visual search builder. By saving searches as a virtual folder, you can quickly repeat it with a single click. Quickly tag your messages so they are placed in virtual folders. People Search makes it easy to lookup coworkers and contacts from the Global Address List.

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Prioritize & Organize your Inbox

If you struggle to get your inbox organized, help is here. By enabling Inbox Priority, less important emails are automatically moved into an Activity Stream folder. Mailing lists, forum announcements and newsletter subscriptions all get processed out of your inbox so that you can look at them when you decide to. If there are still too many items cluttering your inbox, drag other emails into your Activity Stream and they will be remembered for next time.

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Increase productivity

Easy, Integrated, Always in Sync and a ton of innovative features means that you and your teams will be more productive.


Exceptional Service & Support

PliantCloud’s high touch customer support model provides our customers with an exceptional experience. Our fully managed As-a-Service solutions allow our customers to focus on their business, not on technology, we make technology easy. Pliant’s Service and Support model is all encompassing; assessments, design, validation, installation, integration, training, management and iterative on-going improvements. Let PliantCloud experts help drive cost out and efficiency into your enterprise. 


Our Data Center, Your Data Center, or Both

PliantCloud Solutions were designed to be location agnostic. All PliantCloud solutions are offered on-premises, off-premises or hybrid. Our solutions can be integrated into your existing cloud solutions, traditional data center infrastructure or be stood up at the edge. Cloud is not a place, it is a compute model. Let Pliant help you affordably harness the power of the Cloud.


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